Happy Thursday everyone! As I sit here at my parent’s kitchen table waiting on it to be time for me to head to the airport and catch my flight, I’m also thinking of how quickly things in life can turn around, for better or worse. Obviously not everyone is born into the same circumstances with the same privileges, but I do firmly believe that any person can do whatever they dream of doing. Our dreams, our deepest aspirations, are given to us for a reason. They are meant to be followed; pursued until the end. In my case, this would be my career as a singer/songwriter. If you haven’t read the book, The Dream Giver, you should! But I also know from experience that it can be really hard to go after something whole-heartedly without a fire behind it.

This is where the title of this week’s “Behind My Eyes” comes in. Springboard. Sometimes it feels like absolutely nothing is going right, you aren’t on the path toward doing what you were meant to do, and you feel like you are in a lonely, dark room. When life is like that, you have to find that one little thing that lights up your day and hold on tight to it. That is your springboard. Soon you will find other things to be excited about. As your excitement grows, so does your springboard. Before you know it, you could use it to jump to the moon! My point is: No matter how dark, no matter how lonely, no matter how bad the situation may seem… there is always a way out of the darkness for you to do what you feel you were born to do. At first for me it was just simply singing in my car and writing in my journal. I held onto that until I found a bigger excitement to use as my springboard. With every minor success, every new song, every person my music touches, my springboard getter a little bit bigger. If you hold on to the bad things things that happen in your life, they will weigh you down and keep you right where you are. Try to hold on the uplifting, encouraging things instead to help build your springboard. I very firmly believe that if you hold onto the right things in life, they can spring you as high and as far as you need to go.

Obviously, if you are reading this, you were born into a society where you learned to read and computers are accessible. This already gives you an advantage that many in this world we share do not have. This brings me to my next point. Those who reach their goals in life don’t do it alone. Someone was there along the way to give them some form of help; whether it be a supportive parent, a caring teacher, a friend, or even just a random act of kindness from a stranger. Look around you. There is always going to be someone who wants to see you succeed.

But in the same manner, you have to be the encourager to help springboard others with their dreams and aspirations. A lot of times, it is easy to get so wrapped up in making our own dreams happen that we forget to be a light for others along the way. We close ourselves off to try to focus, closing doors and windows to keep out distractions. But how do you think you think we end up in those dark, lonely rooms anyway??? Now look around again… Who can you help today?