Tennessee, Alabama, Georgia, Florida, Arkansas, Oklahoma, Louisiana, Texas….. AL Road

I am out on the road again for 2 weeks this time, which by itself doesn’t sound like much. HOWEVER, in those 2 weeks, I am traveling 3800+ miles, driving 65 hours, stopping in 8 states, and performing on 12-15 radio stations! Talk about a lot of ground to cover.

I am about to start Day 2, Station 2 of this journey.  I’ve already driven 9 hours and am in state #3. Making progress! Saturday night before I left I got about 5 hours of sleep. Sunday I got 3 hours. And although your average person would still be snoozing right now, I am awake for the day bringing my sleep count last night to 4 hours.  So why don’t I feel exhausted???

My theory is that excitement for everything to come has taken over. My brain doesn’t like to shut off these days, because there are so many wonderful things in the pipeline that I cannot wait to announce to everyone! New projects, new songs, more shows, more travel. Things are really heating up over here!  As details are ironed out and arrangements are made, I will let you know about all of the new excitement as soon as I can. 

Be watching my Facebook & Twitter for the official KATE TRACKER for the next two weeks to see where I am, # of days in, # of states, # of stations, # of miles, & hours of drive time! And YES… there really is a Kate Tracker.  Click and see!

All my best, 

Kate McRae