Most Influenced By: Think Christina Aguilera meets Shania Twain….

Favorite music to sing in the car: 90’s hits and female 80’s rock

Instruments I play: Piano, guitar, flute, oboe, piccolo, and I shake a mean tambourine

Heroes: Martina Mcbride is my musical hero. What a talented and classy lady! But my Mother would be on the list as well.

Biggest Fans: My family

Favorite Pet: Tucker! He’s the sweetest and cutest dog in the whole world.

Favorite Food: All Mexican, sushi, and panera!

Non-music Related Hobbies: Swimming, golf, anything outdoors, playing with tucker, & design.

What Inspires Me: Good music, classic novels, a book called “The Dream Giver”, the ocean, and being told I can’t do something!