I have received lots of messages from McRaezies across the country wondering about my trip to the Grammys last week in Los Angeles.  I decided to dedicate this weeks Behind My Eyes post to telling you all about my experience there. Not gunna lie… it was pretty awesome!

There were tons of great parties and events to meet music industry people (i.e. Artists, Producers, Labels Execs), as well as actors, models, designers, and film makers. It really was a surreal experience to get to meet people who have had such major successes in life utilizing their unique creative geniuses.

It was a dream to get to wear some amazing dresses (more pictures to come) and be on the red carpet, in limos, and at parties with some of the top people in my field.  Such a blessing! And the awards show had some incredible performances.  I am still reeling over the experience and so excited about the new friends that I made in the process. Here are a couple of my new favorite people! Genuine, talented, funny. I’m a very lucky gal to have these new friends in my life.  Please continue to support their amazing work!

 Music producer and musician, Perris Alexander at the Grammy Awards after party – W Hotel, Hollywood. Perris received a platinum sales award with The Centurions (soundtrack of the year) for their song Bullwinkle Part II in the award-winning movie Pulp Fiction
Actor Bill Blair at the Grammy Awards after party – W Hotel, Hollywood. Bill was in Babylon 5Star Trek and Deep Space Nine. He holds the Guinness World Records for “Most Special Effects Characters Played in a Career”.

So hopefully that gives you guys some insight into my weekend.  Thank you to all of my fans for your love and support.  Without you, I would not have the amazing opportunities to go to events like this! Of all of the things I am thankful for, I am most thankful for you.
                 With Love,