I am a full believer in doing things for the sole reason that they just make you feel good. It is not selfish to do something for yourself every once in awhile. I know a lot of hard-working, family-loving folks that are always so busy thinking of others that sometimes they neglect to treat themselves once in a while. I’m not saying become selfish or stop thinking of others, but just to take a little extra time to appreciate the unique person that you are!

Wives and mothers, grab a good book and take a bubble bath while listening to your favorite music. YOUR favorite music!!! Husbands and dads, take an extra half day off work. Go do something you’ve been wanting to do but just haven’t had the time. Students, plan a weekend road trip with your friends. Couch crashing can be fun! Grandmas and Grandpas, go out on an old fashioned date or even just rent a movie with a loved one. Nothing beats those little things in life. Out of all the moments you have, it’ll be these that you remember.

On a random note: This is a must. Yankee Candle makes a scent called Christmas at the Beach. I am a very particular candle burner and I must say…this is the most amazing candle EVER!!! I’m about to tweet a pic of it so you can all go out and get one.

Take care of each other, but also take care of yourself. Happiness is contagious.

On that note, I am going to take the rest of the night to a bunch of things that I enjoy. Hope you have a great night as well! Thanks for checking out what is Behind My Eyes.

Until next time,
Kate McRae